Celebrating Pride and Supporting Our Youth

June is a vibrant month of celebration and reflection. While we honor Children’s Awareness Month, we also embrace Pride Month—a time to celebrate progress and address the ongoing challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community, especially among young people. At TreeTop, our primary focus is on supporting those 18 and younger, which means taking extra care to understand each child’s unique life journey.

Understanding and Empathy

The statistics surrounding children who experience feelings not fully comprehended by their parents, guardians, or loved ones can be distressing. LGBTQ+ youth often face significant challenges, including higher risks of violence and discrimination. This month, we honor their resilience and advocate for a world where every young person can live freely and safely.

Standing with LGBTQ+ Youth

At TreeTop, we stand with LGBTQ+ youth, recognizing the importance of listening, understanding, and providing space for them to grow into their true selves. Growing up is about becoming who THEY want to be, not who others expect them to be. It’s vital to support and nurture this journey with love and acceptance.